The European Society for applied Biofeedback and Neuro-physiological Procedures (EGBNV) is dedicated to build a common framework for experts, researchers, opinion makers, doctors and other healthcare and non-healthcare professionals. The society's primary goal is to function as a charitable = non-profit organisation and to establish national and international networks and cooperations with the aim of helping people in Europe by means of suitable bio- and neuro-physiological treatments.

Verfication and validation of suitable methods and consequently the information and publication thereof and of the respective treatment providers are in the center of focus for our society. Solid practical and scientifically sound qualfications allow the EGBNV to maintain and increase the competence and scope of abilities of all supporting and active members; affected individuals seeking help will find suitable and respected solutions for their respective issues or problems.

The society's board of advisors is set up to represent the very different professions which are found amongst our society's members. The advisory board continuously develops and expands the aims, directions and tasks of our society based on the constituated statutes and bylaws. Doing so, the EGBNV supports its individual members just as well as the underlying subjects and methods - both nationally and internationally.